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Some people, they look at Isabelle and see an assistant. A dog who has nothing to do if her boss isn’t around. But you know what I see? *inspirational music* I see a dog who’s driven, passionate, fearless… A dog who makes her own path and decides her own destiny. She’s seen the world and all of its wonders and she still thinks her small town is the best corner of it. She’s a dog with the perspective to see that the greatest things in life are the simple things, the things that grow in our backyards, that we can see from our small desks. She’s a hero, that Isabelle, and although we just can’t tell where she’ll go next, we can always count on her to be there when we need her.

Thank you Isabelle… Thank you.

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Creepy Castle: Moth and Monsoon

Hey everyone! My friend, lazymoth, has a Kickstarter for his game, Creepy Castle, which ends in about a week with over two thirds of the goal met so far! It would mean a lot if you could check it out and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight! :]

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okay seriously can we talk about how great link is???? HE KNOWS KYARY IS ROYALTY AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH

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Believe in Steven

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It’s not Mewtwo

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this episode almost killed me, way too many feels from this one.